Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Drighangchoo Issue 3- Submissions Wanted

Attention folks! Drighangchoo Issue 3 will be published.
 Er, soon.

The 'er' becomes important when you're wondering hard when the next issue will come out. Well, not exactly. From the start, we had decided that Drighangchoo is better off as an irregular publication than a magazine that tries to stick to monthly deadlines, or trimonthly ones, and ends up failing those, and readers' expectations. Better to be (er) regular, than irregular.

What will be in this issue? Let me highlight just three of them.

1) An interview with David B, the legendary French comics artist and storyteller who enthralled us during his visit to Kolkata. No, we didn't ask David stupid questions like "Did you like Indian curry, and do you know about Indian graphic novels?" Of course, he knew better than the people asking those questions. We were asking serious questions. And we got wonderful answers. Just wait to read those!

2) What happens when, for the umpteenth time, and propelled by his sadomasochistic sex drive, Devdas travels, that is, before the end, to meet his ex-GF ? In "Paro, Her Story Retold", Madhuja Mukherjee explores some interesting possibilities in the graphic form.

3) Once upon a time, lived a nawab who loved kebabs but who was melancholic and perennially down with huzn, the Orhan Pamuk way. The nawab wondered about the flight of the migratory birds who came to his garden but disappeared each day. To trace the birds' flight, the nawab sent out emissaries throughout the world... What follows is a wonderfully illustrated comics strip. The artist and writer of this is Vaswar Maitra, a student of architecture, presently staying in Bangalore.

Apart from these, the regulars of the previous issue are working away right now in mysterious seclusion; their cellphones keep ringing. Who knows what will emerge?

If you're interested, you too can send in your comics and submissions (check here for submission guidelines).There's no deadline, but after May 5, 2010, we round off stuff for editing, and have plans of going to press after that.

Do hurry, unless what you submit gets assigned for the next.