Sunday, June 27, 2010

Drighangchoo Issue 3 Arriving in July

(Click the image for a larger view)

Ah, the third issue of Drighangchoo will be finally out in a week, i.e. in early July, 2010.The above is the promo poster. We're going for a larger print format this time, and we've increased the print-run to 500 copies (given the unexpected reception of the first two issues) .

We're yet to start direct-to-home deliveries as our experiment with crows as reliable carriers hasn't even reached the beta stage. But if you're living somewhere in Kolkata and want to have a copy (or more), just send us an email. We'll work out an appointment as how the issue/s can directly reach your hands faster than a stale green pizza. The same holds if you're living elsewhere, but have some friends visiting the city who might be interested in forwarding to you. Or if you're willing to pay for the postage, we'll send the mag sailing to you through the old postal traffic routes.

Limited numbers of the above poster will also be available in print after the release of the third issue. If you want one, mail us early, or let us know on our Facebook page here.

Er, the magazine is for private circulation only, and NO commercial motives are involved (if you don't believe it, once again read this!). The use-value of the magazine is modestly set at Rs. 50 ($ 2 for people outside India). If you want older issues of the mag together with the new and/or are a student who eagerly wants to put it to some decent use with your privileges of finding the use-value of the mag a bit immodest, we are always willing to rework the use-value thing for you.

It's always your reading that is important.