WTF is Drighangchoo?

"Dri-ghang-choo?" Yep, you spelled it right.

Apart from its mystical and philosophical roots in the fables of Sukumar Ray, Drighangchoo is an independent comix magazine published (er)regularly from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. If you’re keen about history- well, this is the first print magazine in India to deal exclusively with comix (read, comics for mature readers) and sequential graphic art. And before you ask: No, we're not dealing with "graphic novels" yet. 

Already two issues old (from July 2008), Drighangchoo is run not-for-profit: for some this is amateurish, for some others this is elitist, for many this is unquestionably the most stupid thing to do. For team D, this is a way of being independent regarding questions of choice. In a way, we too are trying to decipher what Drighangchoo means. You’ll find some really mad people here who are together for a cause, to spread image literacy and a growing-out of the stupid notion that comics is meant only for kids. If you feel faint with the urge to meet us, do send us a mail at drighangchooATgmailDOTcom. And join our Facebook community, if you haven’t already done that. 

Oh, oh! The Fine Print 

Since Drighangchoo is run not-for-profit (well, not exactly the NGO way, for we are not deep into social welfare), we don’t make sufficient money even to pay modest moratoriums (‘honorariums’?) to our authors for their work. We regret that, but we sincerely hope that this is not how things will stand forever. For the time being, we give you an opportunity to share your work among a small number of connoisseurs or morons (which way you see it) who love comix and sequential art and perhaps share your passion.